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A 360° Christmas Glittering with Love




. Eye-catcher with brand characteristics——a 4.5m tall ‘PANDORA Christmas Bell’ was set up in

iSQUARE plaza

. Public Engagement——invited public to participate in 360° video taking activity using a 360° selfie camera

. Inside Story Exhibition——a brand exhibition was set up inside iSQUARE

Girls’ favourite brand PANDORA, has an always and core idea – Love. This time, PANDORA Hong Kong desired to create a 360° brand experience with active public engagement. In Christmas 2016, we have launched a series of sparkling projects under the theme ‘Love is all around’. A first-in- the-city 4.5m enormous and rotatable Christmas Bell was set up in iSQUARE plaza, one of the busiest streets in Tsim Sha Tsui. This eye-catching bell was shiningly decorated with PANDORA’s Christmas themed jewelries. Many were attracted by the installation and took photos around.

To encourage public engagement, a 360° selfie video activity has started up earlier, through online registration customers were invited to take part in our unconventional video experience by using a 360° selfie camera, to let customers to share the joy of this loving festive season in an impressive way.

At the same time, a PANDORA Brand Galleria was set up on the 3 rd floor of iSQUARE displaying the brand’s milestone, together with details such as craftmanship from start to the finishing of a product were illustrated, to let the public to have a deeper understanding of PANDORA.

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