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Krystal Tin x Feminine Wash

Online & Offline Promotional Campaign


Category:Body care


. Characters Design——2 new characters were designed to impress public by visualizing the product feature

. Advertising videos——2 short videos were produced with Krystal Tin as the spokesperson and were shared

on the brand’s social media platforms

. Online promotions——invited KOL to share user experience on women-centric websites and launched

promotions on related websites

. Offline promotions——produced POSM e.g. product stickers, lightboxes, leaflets and sampling cards

. Media relations——prepared press release and massively connected with press

To increase the market share of BETADINE® Feminine Wash, in 2017 we have invited Kristal Tin as the spokesperson and launched a series of promotion events. Highlighted among those were the 2 advertising videos, creating two characters – Prebiotics & Little Kristal, and using puppets to introduce the need and importance of using Feminine Wash. Both videos were uploaded on BETADINE®’s official Facebook fan page and its YouTube channel, and gained over 300,000 views on both platforms.

We have also prepared press release and sent out for media relation arrangement, in return, more than 30 print and online media, traditional and modern platforms, have covered Kristal Tin and BETADINE® Feminine Wash.

To fully utilize Kristal Tin’s image, we also produced POSM such as product stickers, lightboxes, leaflets and sampling cards, to reach consumers online and offline.

Moreover, we have published advertorials to introduce the products on online media such as More and Beauty Exchange. KOLs were invited to share their trial experience of BETADINE® Feminine Wash and share Tin’s videos. The campaign became an all-rounded one which educated girls about the daily care of private part, and impressed consumers by BETADINE® Feminine Wash and the brand at the same time.

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